In Our Hands - Seeding Change

25th Oct 2018
20:00 - 22:00

Herefordshire Green Network is hosting a film screening at The Courtyard Theatre in Hereford of the inspiring story behind the blood, sweat and tears of the British farmers seizing the Brexit moment to outgrow the industrial food system.

This is a one hour documentary film that tells the real life story of nine UK farmers daring to do things a bit differently!

As we head towards Brexit the historic subsidies available to farmers will change ... we have the opportunity to re-imagine the subsidy landscape for generations to come.

A new Agriculture Bill is being considered by our Parliament this autumn, so there's never been a more important time in the last 50 years to have the voices of small scale farmers around the table. The decisions made this autumn are going to literally effect the landscape of these Isles for many years to come.

The film will be shown at 8 pm on Thursday 25th October, to be followed by a Q & A session with the film-makers.

You can book your seat here.

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