In Brief

Herefordshire's a Great Place was a project run under the auspices of Herefordshire's Cultural Partnership to demonstrate how culture contributes to health and well-being.


Project Description



The three-year project was launched in January 2018 - take a look at the short video above filmed at the launch event.

Great Place was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with Rural Media acting as the Accountable Body.  The project was managed under the auspices of Herefordshire's Cultural Partnership, which represents the major heritage, arts and cultural groups in the county.

The project aimed to understand how culture contributes to health and well-being against a background of a changing demography and increasing level of cultural activities.  Whilst pride of place is referenced within the county's health and well-being strategy there is a need to develop an evidence base to show how place and culture actively contributes to personal, and community, well-being.

Culture is a significant contributor to the local economy and its importance is referenced within Herefordshire's Cultural Strategy and Tourism Destination Plan.  It is also important for attracting people to the area, whether to live, work or study.  

Our Role

Brightspace gathered data concerning cultural activities within the county and designed and monitored indicators to show how culture contributes to community and personal health and well-being


The Foundation Team Supporting Herefordshire's a Great Place

Nick Read, OBE
Mary Burton
Ben Proctor

Project Sponsors

Project Partners